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Dress clothing has become more and more versatile throughout history. Ranging in oversized to fitted cuts, men’s dress clothes has evolved tremendously – leaving truth to the old saying, history repeats itself. Beginning in the 1930’s with double-breasted suits and tuxedos with tails, this era paved the way for how a gentleman should dress. This was also the inaugural decade for shirtless sunbathing.
Restrictions on the use of wool led to single-breasted jackets and pleat-free pants being seen everywhere. The soldiers weren’t the only things to return, so did men’s dress clothing with wide lapels and spread collars. Roomy suits didn’t last long in the 50’s. Trim suits started to appear along with accessories like hats and pocket squares in men’s dress clothing. Occasionally, you’d see prints in men’s dress clothing. The overall style was still considered fairly conservative.

It wasn’t until JFK was in office that the evolution in men’s dress clothing really began. We started to see flared trousers and floral shirts, which were only the beginning to the new found “casual” men’s dress clothing.

Deconstructed tailoring and leisure suits were growing in the world of men’s dress clothing. The 70’s lead to the rise of loose-collared culture which makes me immediately think of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.
That didn’t last very long. Broad shoulders framing power suits in bold colors and new prints were now the national norm for men’s dress clothing. I guess that explains the economic boost in the stock market during the Reagan years. Thank you, Wall Street… Say Hello to Business Casual. The bridge to a new century led to lots of change in men’s dress clothing. From a baggy, loose style to a fitted slimmer suit profile.

Oh and turtlenecks – yikes. Which brings us to present day. The turn of the millennium allowed men to start dressing up again and bringing an influx to the industry of men’s dress clothing.
Men are now caring about every detail. Color, pattern, style, fit – it all matters. Beyond dress clothing is men’s accessories. From matching your socks to your pocket square, to acing that trendy knot in your daily tie. Men’s dress clothing has brought back the modern day gentleman. Let’s just hope we don’t see our guys in another turtleneck or even worse, a Hawaiian shirt…

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